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dr medina dentist dental care graphic

Ever wonder why your teeth aren’t perfect, no matter how often you brush? When it comes to oral hygiene, it’s the little things that count. Brushing may be the most common form of cleaning, but it’s not the only one. Jesus Medina Jr., DDS of Las Vegas offers some tips for maintaining your smile, even when you’re on the go.

There are more than toothbrushes in the dental care aisle of your grocery store; it takes an arsenal of tooth cleaning tools to keep your smile shining. Toothbrushes, including electric ones, obviously only work with toothpaste, and we recommend any brand that uses baking soda for maximum freshness. Toothpaste only covers where you can reach with your brush, however.

For getting those hard to reach places behind your molars and between your teeth, close to the gums, dental floss is essential. Flossing whenever you brush is one of the best ways to brush (hah!) up on your dental hygiene. After brushing, take a piece of floss between your fingers about an inch long (or just use one of the convenient disposable floss-picks that many stores now sell), and work it between each and every tooth to remove any deeply-wedged food particles. Flossing correctly can reduce your risk of tooth decay by 35% on its own!

Not feeling 100% clean yet? Mouthwash covers the rest of those hard-to-reach places, deep-cleaning your mouth and tongue and helping to freshen your breath. Dentists recommend the anti-plaque or anti-bacterial varieties, and Dr. Medina does as well. These ones have several additives that will not only keep your mouth minty-fresh, but will also fight plaque at the same time.

Lastly, don’t forget whitening strips, those thing minty films that you place on your teeth, and they melt away after a few minutes. These can help clean your teeth away from home, in between meals when brushing isn’t an option, and also help keep your breath fresh. These will help passively whiten your teeth, giving you a fresh smile over time in between brushings.

Jesus Medina Jr., DDS, hopes these helpful hints will encourage you to keep your teeth extra-clean in between visits. Maintaining a healthy mouth is a good start for improving your smile, and for everything else we offer a wide range of dental servicesgeneral, cosmetic, and restorative procedures should your teeth need that extra boost.

Dr. Medina is a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). Advanced General Dentistry, with a practice in Las Vegas Nevada since 1988. He offers general and family dentistry, with a specialization in cosmetic and restorative dental services.

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